Pathways Residences is a boutique organisation that provides excellence in care, accommodation and services to older Australians who are no longer able to live independently within the community. The charter of the organisation is founded on the principles of harmony, respect and trust.

Since 2001 Pathways has established four residential aged care facilities in the Sydney Metropolitan Area: Pathways Residences Sailors Bay, Pathways Residences Killara Gardens, Pathways Residences Cronulla Pines and Pathways Residences Cronulla Seaside.

Pathways has selected the Lane Cove Local Government Area (LGA) as the location of its fifth residential aged care facility- Pathways Residences Longueville. The site for our new facility is 274-274a Longueville Road and 4-18 Northwood Road, Lane Cove.

At Longueville we would like to develop a residential aged care facility above a street level community wellbeing precinct comprising neighbourhood shops and services, cafes and allied health uses.



To realise the development vision amendments will need to be made to the Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan 2009 (Lane Cove LEP 2009). The LEP did not foresee the level of demand that would exist within the LGA for aged care accommodation at the time that it was made. The formulation of a Planning Proposal through Lane Cove Council is the first step in advancing an amendment to an LEP under NSW planning law.


In 2017 Pathways Residences proposed a Planning Proposal requesting amendments be made to Lane Cove LEP 2009. The Planning Proposal will retain the existing land use zoning of the land but will seek to make "seniors housing" permissible on the site together with amendments to the density and height controls pertaining to the land.


The Planning Proposal (which is formally referred to as P_2017_LANEC_001_00) has been granted a Gateway Determination by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and can now proceed to public exhibition. The Planning Proposal will be exhibited for six weeks commencing on the 8th March 2018. Details about the exhibition process are contained on this website.

Pathways understands the sensitivity of developing in local communities and are we committed to working with our neighbours, local residents and interested stakeholders to take our vision forward.

pathways residences aged care model

The Pathways approach to aged care focuses on enriching the livelihood of older Australians by recognising the unique place they occupy within the Pathways community. Our care model has been acknowledged by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency though their better practice awards.

The model balances best practice in architectural and landscape design with award winning community wellbeing and residential care practices. It caters for residents who are no longer able to live independently and for residents with symptoms of dementia who require support in managing their everyday life.

The average age of a Pathways resident is 88 years of age and our residents do not drive.

The care model that Pathways Residences would like to realise for their Longueville facility is based on:

  • The development of a 130 bed residential aged care facility that will provide a mix of nursing home style accommodation, a dedicated area for residents who are living with the symptoms of dementia and an area set aside for short stay respite care. Under Federal Government legislation Pathways must have a bed license for each nursing bed within its facility.
  • The co-location of allied health, community wellbeing services and neighbourhood shops in a street level precinct to activate the Site whilst offering residents the opportunity for casual interaction with the broader community.
  • A senior’s day care centre for local residents who are still living independently in the local area so they can visit the centre, socialise and enjoy a range of recreational activities.

Following the opening of Pathways Sailors Bay Residences in 2013, Pathways determined that market demand in the Lower North Shore Aged Care Sector warranted a second facility within the district. Pathways subsequently acquired the Longueville Road and Northwood Road land holdings in 2015.

It is important to understand that Pathways are not speculative developers of seniors housing. Pathways Residences will develop and operate the proposed Longueville residential aged care facility in accordance with Federal Government legislation and with bed licenses in place.


Lane Cove Council Seniors Social Plan 2010-2014, states that ‘the over 80 age profile was the fastest growing age group in the demographic profile of the Lane Cove LGA with the number of seniors aged over 85 years having risen by 17% between 2001 to 2006’.


The Draft North District Plan that was released by the Greater Sydney Commission in October 2017 identifies that “an 85% per cent proportional increase in people aged 85 and over, and a 45 per cent increase in the 65-84 age group is expected by 2036.This means that 20 per cent of the Northern Districts population will be aged 65 or over in 2036, up from 16 per cent in 2016.” Refer Figure below.


Research commissioned by Pathways Residences in September 2016 and undertaken by Critical Success Solutions has confirmed that the over 85 age group, based on 2011 data, comprises a larger percentage of the population of the Lane Cove LGA accounting for 2.4% of the population compared with that of the Greater Sydney Area at 1.8% and NSW at 2%.


The Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) Submission to the Federal Government 2014/2015 Budget, summarises the current situation facing Australian communities in planning for the accommodation needs of an ageing population:


‘Australia has an ageing population, and as people become frailer in older age many will require care and support in the community or in a nursing home. Currently there are about 182,000 aged care beds and about 1 million older people who use community care in Australia. By 2020 we will need 82,000 new aged care beds and over 1.4 million people will require community care. To put this in context there will need to be 2.25 new 100 bed residential aged care facilities opened each and every week over the next seven years.’


Pathways Residences Longueville will play an important role in addressing this under supply of aged care and accommodation. As a community it is vital that we actively work together to plan for this growing sector of the seniors housing market.